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USA Patriot Token.

Phase One Launching on Memorial Day, UPT plans to use Blockchain to help charities around the USA.

USA Patriot Token

Patriotism Through Crypto!



10,000,000,000 Supply

(4%) Tax on Buys/Sells/Transfers for
Marketing, Development, Donations, and Liquidity.

Donated in 2022
Donated in 2023

Charity Partners:

Tunnes To Towers Logo
Supporting All America's first responders
Based in New York, NY
V4CR Logo
Support for wounded Veterans
Based in New York, NY

In Total Donations

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Weekly Spaces

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Bill Bachant

A builder, realtor, Federal firearms dealer, and former member of the 24th security battalion of the Massachusetts State Guard, he is a known patriot, fighting for the country's best interests.

Jimmy G

Known for quality development and marketing techniques with well known DeFi dApps and Tokens in the crypto space as well as SaaS software development and marketing.

How to Buy using $ETH

MetaMask is a crypto wallet app for used for storing and managing Ethereum tokens. After creating a wallet be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

From inside the MetaMask app you can purchase Ethereum using PayPal by clicking on the buy button.

Connect your wallet to Uniswap, input our contract address 0xTBA, set your slippage to 1.5%, and click the swap button!